Montereggio 2008 – International Booktown Festival

The International Organisation of Book Towns (IOB) is organising the VI International Booktown Festival in the village of Montereggio in Tuscany, from May 1 to May 4, 2008.

The IOB members are:
* Bredevoort (NL)
* Fjærland (NO)
* Hay-on-Wye (GB)
* KampungBuku (MY)
* Montereggio (IT)
* Williamsport, Penn (USA)
* Redu (BE)
* Sedbergh (GB)
* St-Pierre-de-Clages (CH)
* Sysmä (FI)
* Tvedestrand (NO)
* Wigtown (GB)
* Wünsdorf-Waldstadt (DE)

A couple of interesting items in the programme also for those not speaking Italian:

(1) On May 1, after 2pm, live folk music and canapes, alongside presentations by each Booktown.

(2) On Saturday May 3, at 10pm, “The Concert of the Nations” with Baroque and Renaissance music played by renowned musicians from Pisa.

There will be stands from most Bootktowns, and plenty of occasions to meet up manu like-minded people from all over the world.


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